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Back in 2013, a life change was needed due to anxiety issues coupled with work stresses.  

With this in mind and my then-hobby photography skills improving I took the plunge and tried a Christmas event in Manchester in 2013. I was pleasantly surprised that people wanted to buy my work. After this initial foray, it took a while to find the right products, price points, and location but after trading regularly at several local artisan markets, I found Altrincham Market best suited my needs and have been there since mid-2014. None of this would have been possible without the emotional and financial support from my other half Lynda.

Running a small business is a challenge and certainly keeps you on your toes. I feel very humbled that in the current economic environment, people spend their hard-earned income on my photography, and believe it is important for me to continue offering products for all budgets.


Picturing MCR from the
roof of Hilton Hotel.


Bio - Wesley Harding

I have continued to maintain steady growth, survived covid, improved my photography skills, and increased my product range.


Away from the market I have gained numerous commercial contracts and recognise the importance of continuing to grow this side of the business along with my website and social media offering.

Night photography using long exposure techniques is my favorite - every shot is unique and captures the vibrant local atmosphere.

Thank you for your time and support




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